eBeam Smartpen



Pen & Paper Capture with Stylus

Write and draw naturally. Express your ideas in a way that’s meaningful to you. Know that everything you write is captured digitally, saved, and organized. The eBeam Smartpen can be used with any paper so you don’t have to buy expensive special notebooks. Share your drawings in real time with our meeting application. Viewers can even participate on the digital canvas with permissions. Or, use it to send personal chat messages with your natural handwriting using your preferred messaging application.

Any piece of paper or notebook

The eBeam Smartpen is the only thing you need to capture your writing. You can use any paper. Like any regular notepads, a scrap of paper, post-its, envelopes… Whatever you write the sensor can capture.

Handwrite your chats, emails, or any app you write in.

Stop going back and forth from writing to typing. Using the eBeam Smartpen with the Pen Talk Keyboard you can handwrite you write in any application all in a natural way while keeping your workflow consistent.

The all-in-one pen & stylus solution

The Smartpen includes a stylus nib on the bottom of the charging case that can be used instead of the ink cartridge. This gives you the power to use the Smartpen as an accurate tablet stylus or to write on any flat surface so you don’t make any marks. Sometimes you just don’t want leave pen marks on things.