About Us

Luidia Meddle East Company Established on 2017 as consultant company in information technology field and has join venture with group of expert companies and .
On of these companies : Tecomat is one of the leading manufacturers of regulation and control systems of the PLC category (Programmable Logic Controllers) that are made and tested according to internationally valid and recognized IEC directives/EN 61131.
And SATEN is one of the world’s leading company in low current systems, which include: CCTV Systems, CaP System, Fire Alarm Systems and Guard Tour Systems. Also has experience in smart education system dealing with Luidia smart education company .

Who we are?

At Luidia, we believe in personal commitment and true engagement to what we do. We hope this love of our work shows in the premium quality of our products. We develop solutions that allow users to transform their everyday surfaces into smart solution.


Why Luidia?

Throughout the years, technology and business challenges have changed, but the core foundation of our business has remained the same: listen to our clients, understand their business needs, and know how to serve them.